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Experience of self-care for patients diagnosed with heart failure

  • Malmgren, Madeleine
  • Nuhic, Sanela
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Jan 01, 2016
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Background:  Heart failure results in a shortened survival where breathlessness and fatigue are the most common symptoms. District nurses work from a holistic approach that respects patient's autonomy, integrity and wish involvement from patients in order to create conditions for self-care. The aim of this study was to describe the experience and what can affect self-care for patients diagnosed with heart failure. Method: The method used was a metasynthesis. The twelve inculded articles were reviewed and themes and categories was formed. Results: Five key themes were created and presented as:  Important to get early help to recognize the symptoms and prevent with self-care, information has significance for self-care, treatment and communication between healthcare provider and patient is important for compliance in self-care, involvement / commitment strengthens the self-care of the patient and the depression is a barrier to self-care. Patients desired to have more knowledge and support to strengthen their capacity in order to help them to overcome obstacles in their self-care. Conclusion: Communication, time and commitment are factors that increase the well-being and quality of life in patients diagnosed with heart failure, these factors should be the district nurse bring in its continued occupation.

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