The experience of getting a “No Code” open repository

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The experience of getting a “No Code” open repository

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Jun 27, 2020


In March 2018, MyScienceWork released Polaris OS, a new open source solution which seeks to find appropriate solutions for major challenges of open repositories. Before developing the Polaris OS platform, we examined existing open repositories and noticed that all of them required high programming skills to setup and greater expertise for customization. In addition, we examined the costs, frequency and time invested by repository managers and librarians to consult IT Teams concluding that repository implementation and customization process is lengthy and expensive. By choosing to develop a “No Code” solution (Polaris OS), MyScienceWork decided to make open repositories setup and modification easier, with little to no programming skills required. That gives a great opportunity for repository managers/librarians with no programming skills to become independent for the management of their institutional repositories. Polaris OS is currently a “Low Code” solution that already generates great benefits for interoperability, cost-effectiveness and time saving as configuration takes less time than developments. Our poster will present all the benefits of setting up a “No Code” solution for institutional repositories through the example of Polaris OS.

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