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Exactly solvable model of reactions on a random catalytic chain

  • Oshanin, G.
  • Benichou, O.
  • Blumen, A.
Publication Date
Mar 10, 2003
Submission Date
Mar 10, 2003
arXiv ID: cond-mat/0303174
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In this paper we study a catalytically-activated A + A \to 0 reaction taking place on a one-dimensional regular lattice which is brought in contact with a reservoir of A particles. The A particles have a hard-core and undergo continuous exchanges with the reservoir, adsorbing onto the lattice or desorbing back to the reservoir. Some lattice sites possess special, catalytic properties, which induce an immediate reaction between two neighboring A particles as soon as at least one of them lands onto a catalytic site. We consider three situations for the spatial placement of the catalytic sites: regular, annealed random and quenched random. For all these cases we derive exact results for the partition function, and the disorder-averaged pressure per lattice site. We also present exact asymptotic results for the particles' mean density and the system's compressibility. The model studied here furnishes another example of a 1D Ising-type system with random multisite interactions which admits an exact solution.

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