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Evolution of Endoscopic Lesions in Steroid-Refractory Acute Severe Ulcerative Colitis Responding to Infliximab or Cyclosporine

  • Laharie, David;
  • Bourreille, Arnaud;
  • Branche, Julien;
  • Allez, Matthieu;
  • Bouhnik, Yoram;
  • Filippi, Jerome;
  • Zerbib, Frank;
  • Savoye, Guillaume;
  • Vuitton, Lucine;
  • Moreau, Jacques;
  • Amiot, Aurelien;
  • Beaugerie, Laurent;
  • Ricart, Elena;
  • Dewit, Olivier;
  • Lopez-Sanroman, Antonio;
  • Fumery, Mathurin;
  • Carbonnel, Franck;
  • Buisson, Anthony;
  • Coffin, Benoit;
  • Roblin, Xavier;
  • And 9 more
Publication Date
May 08, 2021
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BACKGROUND/AIMS: Few data on the evolution of endoscopic findings are available in patients with acute severe ulcerative colitis (ASUC). The aim of this study was to describe this evolution in a prospective cohort. METHODS: Patients admitted for a steroid-refractory ASUC and included in a randomized trial comparing infliximab and cyclosporine were eligible if they achieved steroid-free clinical remission at day 98. Flexible sigmoidoscopies were performed at baseline, days 7, 42 and 98. Ulcerative colitis endoscopic index of severity (UCEIS) and its sub-scores - vascular pattern, bleeding and ulceration/erosion - were post-hoc calculated. Global endoscopic remission was defined by a UCEIS of 0, and partial endoscopic remission by any UCEIS sub-score of 0. RESULTS: Among the 55 patients analyzed (29 infliximab and 26 cyclosporine), 49 (83%) had UCEIS ≥6 at baseline at baseline. Partial endoscopic remission rates were higher for bleeding than for vascular pattern and for ulcerations/erosions at day 7 (20% vs. 4% and 5% (n = 55); p = .004 and p=.04), for bleeding and ulceration/erosion than for vascular pattern at day 42 [63% and 65% vs. 33% (n=54); p<.001 for both] and at day 98 [78% and 92% vs. 56% (n = 50); p = .007 and p < .001]. Global endoscopic remission rates at day 98 were higher in patients treated with infliximab than with cyclosporine [73% vs. 25% (n = 26 and 24); p < .001]. CONCLUSION: In steroid-refractory ASUC patients responding to a second-line medical therapy, endoscopic remission process started with bleeding remission and was not achieved in half the patients at day 98 for vascular pattern. Infliximab provided a higher endoscopic remission rate than cyclosporine at day 98. / status: published

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