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No evidence for EDE from Planck data in extended scenarios

  • Fondi, Emanuele
  • Melchiorri, Alessandro
  • Pagano, Luca
Publication Date
Apr 05, 2022
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The latest data release from the ACT CMB experiment (in combination with previous WMAP data) shows evidence for an Early Dark Energy component at more than $3$ standard deviations. The same conclusion has been recently shown to hold when temperature data from the Planck experiment limited to intermediate angular scales ($l \le 650$) are included while it vanishes when the full Planck dataset is considered. However, it has been shown that the full Planck dataset exhibits an anomalous lensing component and a preference for a closed universe at the level of three standard deviation. It is therefore of utmost importance to investigate if these anomalies could anti-correlate with an early dark energy component and hide its presence during the process of parameter extraction. Here we demonstrate that extended parameters choices as curvature, equation of state of dark energy and lensing amplitude $A_L$ have no impact on the Planck constraints on EDE. In practice, EDE does not solve Planck angular spectra anomalies. This indicates that current CMB evidence for an EDE component comes essentially from the ACT-DR4 dataset.

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