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Evaluation of the tram intelligent system management by an analysis of its key performance indicators for an optimal mixt traffic control in Algeria

  • KHELF, Mouloud
  • BHOURI, Neila
  • BOUKEBBAB, Salim
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2020
Portail Documentaire MADIS
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Evaluating the tram Intelligent System Management by analysing its keys' indicators performance, is the first target of this paper. For this, a deep analysis between its theoretical and real performance is done, to evaluate the tram's regularity and the actual timetable. The second important objective is to show how can, possibly, the tram's performance influence traffic congestion. To solve this last, a combined optimal timing cycle applying the "Webster" method with the optimal tram timetable is being applied at the same time. The results show that the tram is unwell operated, the offered capacity is higher than the real demand and the time headways are not respected due to the non-respect of the theoretical tram performance. Therefore, the traffic jam has increased in common intersections. The paper suggests some important recommendations to ameliorate the tram's operation, and to optimise the traffic control to reduce the delay for road users.

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