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Evaluation of the Rosemary Extract Effect on the Properties of Polylactic Acid-Based Materials

  • Darie-Niţă, Raluca Nicoleta
  • Vasile, Cornelia
  • Stoleru, Elena
  • Pamfil, Daniela
  • Zaharescu, Traian
  • Tarţău, Liliana
  • Tudorachi, Niţă
  • Brebu, Mihai Adrian
  • Pricope, Gina Mihaela
  • Dumitriu, Raluca Petronela
  • Leluk, Karol
Publication Date
Sep 25, 2018
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New multifunctional materials containing additives derived from natural resources as powdered rosemary ethanolic extract were obtained by melt mixing and processed in good conditions without degradation and loss of additives. Incorporation of powdered rosemary ethanolic extract (R) into poly(lactic acid) (PLA) improved elongation at break, rheological properties, antibacterial and antioxidant activities, in addition to the biocompatibility. The good accordance between results of the chemiluminescence method and radical scavenging activity determination by chemical method evidenced the increased thermoxidative stability of the PLA biocomposites with respect to neat PLA, with R acting as an antioxidant. PLA/R biocomposites also showed low permeability to gases and migration rates of the bioactive compounds and could be considered as high-performance materials for food packaging. In vitro biocompatibility based on the determination of surface properties demonstrated a good hydrophilicity, better spreading and division of fibroblasts, and increased platelet cohesion. The implantation of PLA/R pellets, was proven to possess a good in vivo biocompatibility, and resulted in similar changes in blood parameters and biochemical responses with the control group, suggesting that these PLA-based materials demonstrate very desirable properties as potential biomaterials, useful in human medicine for tissue engineering, wound management, orthopedic devices, scaffolds, drug delivery systems, etc. Therefore, PLA/R-based materials show promising properties for applications both in food packaging and as bioactive biomaterials.

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