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Evaluation of experimental data for wax and diamondoids solubility in gaseous systems

  • Mohammadi, Amir H.
  • Gharagheizi, Farhad
  • Eslamimanesh, Ali
  • Richon, Dominique
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2012
Online Research Database In Technology
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The Leverage statistical approach is herein applied for evaluation of experimental data of the paraffin waxes/diamondoids solubility in gaseous systems. The calculation steps of this algorithm consist of determination of the statistical Hat matrix, sketching the Williams Plot, and calculation of the residuals of two selected correlations results. In addition, the applicability domains of the investigated correlations and quality of the existing experimental data are examined accompanied by outlier diagnostics. Two previously applied Chrastil-type correlations including the original Chrastil and Mèndez-Santiago and Teja correlations are used to calculate/estimate the solubility of paraffin waxes (including n-C24H50 to n-C33H68) and diamondoids (adamantane and diamantane) in carbon dioxide/ethane gases, respectively. It can be interpreted from the obtained results that the applied equations for calculation of the corresponding solubilities are statistically valid and correct, and none of the experimental data can be designated as outliers.

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