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The Eureka Programming Model for Speculative Task Parallelism (Artifact)

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This artifact includes a Java-based library implementation of the Eureka programming model (EuPM) that simplifies the expression of speculative parallel tasks. Eureka-style computations are especially well-suited for parallel search and optimization applications. The artifact includes implementations of the eureka patterns that are supported by our Eureka API. These patterns include search, optimization, convergence, N-version programming, and soft real-time deadlines. These different patterns of computations can also be safely combined or nested in the EuPM, along with regular task-parallel constructs, thereby enabling high degrees of composability and reusability. We also include source code of the different benchmarks presented in the paper. The interested reader can use the artifact to experiment with various eureka-style applications and custom Eureka variants in the EuPM.


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