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Eulerian and Lagrangian Ice Crystal Trajectory Simulations in a Generic Turbofan Compressor

  • Norde, Ellen
  • Senoner, Jean-Mathieu
  • Van Der Weide, Edwin Theodorus Antonius
  • Trontin, Pierre
  • Hoeijmakers, Hendrik Willem Marie
  • Villedieu, Philippe
Publication Date
Oct 19, 2018
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This study provides a comparison between an Eulerian and a Lagrangian approach for simulation of ice crystal trajectories and impact in a generic turbofan compressor. The engine-like geometry consists of a one-and-a-half stage (stator-rotor-stator) compressor in which the computed air flow is steady and inviscid. Both methods apply the same models to evaluate ice crystal dynamics, mass and heat transfer, and phase change along ice crystal trajectories. The impingement of the crystals on the blade surfaces is modeled assuming full deposition for comparison and validation purposes. Moreover, the influence of ice crystal diameter and sphericity variations on impinging mass flux and particle melting ratio is briefly assessed. Then, a more realistic wall interaction model predicting rebound, shattering or deposition as a function of impact parameters is applied. When the full deposition model is activated, excellent agreement is observed between Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches for the impinging mass flux profiles on each blade while moderate differences appear for the melting curves. However, significant discrepancies appear between both approaches when using the more realistic wall interaction model. The analysis of these results highlights classic limitations of standard Eulerian and Lagrangian methods for this type of applications.

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