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Ethnozoological Study of Wild Bird Species Body Parts Supply in Traditional Medicine Markets, Abeokuta, Nigeria

  • Adebayo, O. O.
  • Oyedeji, M. B.
  • Ampitan, A. A.
Publication Date
Aug 31, 2022
African Journals Online
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The paper examined the ethnozoological study of wild bird species' body parts supply of eighty-three traditional medicine marketers in six traditional medicine markets in Abeokuta North and South Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria using snowball and convenience sampling techniques through the administration of a set of structured questionnaire to 83respondents. The result showed that four-fifths of the total respondents were females (85.54%), two-thirds of the total respondents (68.68%) were less than 50 years and 91.56% of the total respondents had formal education. A total of 21 bird species had their body parts and products on sale in the different markets studied in the study area. Due to the belief and faith of the people, the respondents agreed that there were some bird species that are regarded as being sacred or forbidden and thus, the birds and their bird body parts are used and sold in traditional medicine to treat different ailments and for sacrificial activities of their clients. It was concluded that the existence of bird species cannot be over-emphasized because they are important in believed resources for curing specified types of ailments and sacrificial offerings in traditional medicine. It was recommended that since birds significantly contribute to the natural ecosystem, human health and nutrition, forest and wildlife conservation campaign should be strengthened.

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