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Ethnographic Encounters with Muslims in Taiwan: Exploration of their Religious Scenes and Experiences

  • Abe, Satoshi
Publication Date
Mar 18, 2019
Nagasaki university's Academic Output SITE


Recently, the Taiwanese government launched a landmark initiative called the New Southbound Policy to significantly extend its economic and cultural ties to Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Australia. Along with the New Southbound Policy, Taiwan seeks to forge both a national identity and a sense of cohesion by fostering multiculturalism, through which they promote the recognition of different cultural traditions and heritages, including those of migrants. To put it succinctly, Taiwan is increasingly opening its doors to foreign countries in order to sustain itself both economically and culturally. As a result, growing numbers of migrants are moving to Taiwan, especially from Southeast Asian countries, mostly notably Indonesia, a country known to have the largest Muslim population in the world. This paper highlights some aspects of the religious development of Islam in the city of Kaohsiung with contributions from both locals and Indonesians by presenting the life stories and experiences of Muslims that I encountered during fieldwork. In doing so, this paper attempts to convey to the reader the religious sentiments through which these individuals experience their everyday lives in Kaohsiung.

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