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Estudo do processo de cultivo da microalga chlorella minutíssima e caracterização termoquímica de sua biomassa para aplicação em gaseificação

  • Laiate, Juliana
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Aug 31, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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The interest in diversifying the energy matrix through renewable energy sources has promoted changes at the national and international levels in academic, industrial, social and governmental sectors, focused on the development of biotechnological processes based on the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. In this context, microalgae are considered a strong promising alternative source for the production of biofuels due to their high rate of growth and lipid concentration. The present work carried out a study of the cultivation process of the marine microalgae Chlorella minutíssima using DOE – Design of Experiments to maximize the cell growth and the lipid content simultaneously, besides its thermochemical characterization for application in the gasification process. Cultivation occurred in a discontinuous-tubular photobioreactor, bubble-column type, following Taguchi L8 Orthogonal Array design, and the process variables were: CO2 feed flow rate, nitrate concentration, phosphate concentration, supplementation (metals and vitamins), temperature and salinity. Results showed that the nitrate and phosphate concentration, CO2 feed flow, supplements and temperature are influential factors in the cell growth and lipid content, and the best configuration presenting good results for simultaneous maximization, using desirability, was nitrate operating at high level and the other factors at low level. Ultimate analysis provided levels consistent with some reports in the literature. Thermogravimetric analysis identified the temperature ranges with the highest decomposition rate (300 °C to 400 °C). The higher heating value of the biomass found was attractive for the production of syngas when compared to raw materials such as rice husk and eucalyptus chips already used in the larger scale gasification. In face of, the methodology employed and the results presented in this work can be useful in seeking economic feasibility of the large-scale cultivation of Chlorella minutíssima for the production of biofuels by the gasification process.

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