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Estresse entre professoras do ensino fundamental de escolas públicas estaduais

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Repositório Institucional UNESP
  • Estresse
  • Ensino Fundamental
  • Professoras
  • Estrés
  • Educación Fundamental
  • Profesores
  • Stress
  • Elementary Education
  • Teachers
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Research identifies stress, symptomatology and its phases in government public school teachers of fundamental education working at state schools in an interior city of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. One hundred and seventy-five teachers, comprising 70% of the Basic Education professionals working in the municipality, participated in the study. Two data collection were employed: the Stress Symptom Inventory (SSI) and a questionnaire to characterize the researched population. Results show that 56.6% of teachers suffer from stress. Predominant symptoms comprise a worn-out sensation, constant tiredness, muscular tension and memory problems, excessive irritability, excessive tiredness, daily anxiety, constant thoughts on a single theme and irritability without any apparent cause.

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