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Estimation of plant and canopy architectural traits using the D3P Digital Plant Phenotyping Platform

  • Liu, Shouyang
  • Martre, Pierre
  • Buis, Samuel
  • Abichou, Mariem
  • Andrieu, Bruno
  • Baret, Frederic
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2019
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The extraction of desirable heritable traits for crop improvement from high-throughput phenotyping (HTP) observations remains challenging. We developed a modeling workflow named Digital Plant Phenotyping Platform, D3P, to access crop architectural traits from HTP observations. D3P couples the ADEL (architectural model of development based on L-systems) wheat (Triticum aestivum) model, that describes the time course of the three-dimensional architecture of wheat crops, with simulators of images acquired with HTP sensors. We demonstrated that a sequential assimilation of the green fraction derived from RGB (Red Green Blue) images of the crop into D3P provides accurate estimates of five key parameters (phyllochron, lamina length of the first leaf, rate of elongation of leaf lamina, number of green leaves at the start of leaf senescence and minimum number of green leaves) of the ADEL-Wheat model that drive the time course of green area index and the number of axes with more than three leaves at the end of the tillering period. However, leaf and tiller orientation and inclination characteristics were poorly estimated. D3P was also used to optimize the observational configuration. The results, obtained from in silico experiments conducted on wheat crops at several vegetative stages, showed that the accessible traits could be estimated accurately with observations made at 0{degree sign} and 60{degree sign} zenith view inclination with a temporal frequency of 100 {degree sign}Cd. This illustrates the potential of the proposed holistic approach that integrates all the available information into a consistent system for interpretation. The potential benefits and limitations of the approach are further discussed.

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