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Estimating the Location of Scatterers by Seismic Interferometry of Scattered Surface Waves:

  • Harmankaya, U.
  • Kaslilar, A.
  • Thorbecke, J.W.
  • Wapenaar, C.P.A.
  • Draganov, D.S.
Publication Date
Jun 04, 2012
TU Delft Repository
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In this study, non-physical (ghost) scattered surface waves are used to obtain the location of a near surface scatterer. The ghost is obtained from application of seismic interferometry to only one source at the surface. Different locations for virtual sources are chosen and ghost scattered surface waves for each of these virtual-source locations are retrieved. The retrieved ghost traveltimes are inverted by solving the inverse problem to determine the location of the scatterer. It is seen that the location of the scatterer is reasonably well estimated.

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