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Ergodic properties of a generic non-integrable quantum many-body system in thermodynamic limit

  • Prosen, Tomaz
Publication Date
Aug 18, 1998
Submission Date
Aug 14, 1998
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.60.3949
arXiv ID: cond-mat/9808150
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We study a generic but simple non-integrable quantum {\em many-body} system of {\em locally} interacting particles, namely a kicked $t-V$ model of spinless fermions on 1-dim lattice (equivalent to a kicked Heisenberg XX-Z chain of 1/2 spins). Statistical properties of dynamics (quantum ergodicity and quantum mixing) and the nature of quantum transport in {\em thermodynamic limit} are considered as the kick parameters (which control the degree of non-integrability) are varied. We find and demonstrate {\em ballistic} transport and non-ergodic, non-mixing dynamics (implying infinite conductivity at all temperatures) in the {\em integrable} regime of zero or very small kick parameters, and more generally and important, also in {\em non-integrable} regime of {\em intermediate} values of kicked parameters, whereas only for sufficiently large kick parameters we recover quantum ergodicity and mixing implying normal (diffusive) transport. We propose an order parameter (charge stiffness $D$) which controls the phase transition from non-mixing/non-ergodic dynamics (ordered phase, $D>0$) to mixing/ergodic dynamics (disordered phase, D=0) in the thermodynamic limit. Furthermore, we find {\em exponential decay of time-correlation function} in the regime of mixing dynamics. The results are obtained consistently within three different numerical and analytical approaches: (i) time evolution of a finite system and direct computation of time correlation functions, (ii) full diagonalization of finite systems and statistical analysis of stationary data, and (iii) algebraic construction of quantum invariants of motion of an infinite system, in particular the time averaged observables.

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