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Equipartition of current in parallel conductors on cooling through the superconducting transition

  • Sarangi, S.
  • Chockalingam, S.P.
  • Mavinkurve, R.G.
  • Bhat, S.V.
  • Kumar, N.
Publication Date
Feb 27, 2006
Raman Research Institute Digital Repository
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Our experiments show that for two or more pieces of a wire, of different lengths in general, combined in parallel and connected to a dc source, the current ratio evolves towards unity as the combination is cooled to the superconducting transition temperature Tc, and remains pinned at that value below it. This redistribution of the total current towards equipartition without external fine-tuning is a surprise. It can be physically understood in terms of a mechanism that involves the flux-flow resistance associated with the transport current in a wire of type-II superconducting material. It is a fact that the flux-flow resistance increases with the current that drives the current division towards equipartition.

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