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Entropy coding with Variable Length Re-writing Systems

  • Jegou, Herve
  • Guillemot, Christine
Publication Date
Aug 11, 2005
Submission Date
Aug 11, 2005
arXiv ID: cs/0508058
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This paper describes a new set of block source codes well suited for data compression. These codes are defined by sets of productions rules of the form a.l->b, where a in A represents a value from the source alphabet A and l, b are -small- sequences of bits. These codes naturally encompass other Variable Length Codes (VLCs) such as Huffman codes. It is shown that these codes may have a similar or even a shorter mean description length than Huffman codes for the same encoding and decoding complexity. A first code design method allowing to preserve the lexicographic order in the bit domain is described. The corresponding codes have the same mean description length (mdl) as Huffman codes from which they are constructed. Therefore, they outperform from a compression point of view the Hu-Tucker codes designed to offer the lexicographic property in the bit domain. A second construction method allows to obtain codes such that the marginal bit probability converges to 0.5 as the sequence length increases and this is achieved even if the probability distribution function is not known by the encoder.

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