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Enhancement of Volatile Fatty Acids Production from Food Waste by Mature Compost Addition

  • cheah, yen-keong
  • dosta, joan
  • mata-álvarez, joan
Publication Date
Aug 17, 2019
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2.7% (2.5% compost addition). The VFA production was not improved when a higher percentage of mature compost was used (3.5% instead of 2.5% w/w), and it slightly decreased when mature compost addition was lowered to 1.5% w/w. When working at a pH of 7 in the semi-continuous fermenters with the addition of 2.5% w/w mature compost at an HRT of 3.5 days, an improvement of 79% and 104% of the VFA concentration (on VS basis) were recorded as compared to fermenters working at a pH of 6 with 2.5% and 0% w/w of mature compost addition, respectively. At a pH of 7, higher production of propionic and valeric acids was found with respect to the reactor working at a pH of 6. The effect of pH on VFA generation was estimated to have greater contribution than that of only biological pretreatment using mature compost. At a pH of 7, the VFA yield was higher for the fermenter working with 2.5% w/w mature compost but at a pH of 7 and HRT of 5 days, the effect of mature compost on VFA production improvement was lower than that obtained at a pH of 6. Moreover, higher solubilization in terms of soluble chemical oxygen demand and total ammonium was detected when biological pretreatment using mature compost was applied at both a pH of 6 and a pH of 7, which indicates enhanced hydrolysis in both conditions.

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