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Enhancement of quality factor for TE whispering-gallery modes in microcylinder resonators

  • yue-de), yd yang (yang
  • yong-zhen), yz huang (huang
  • wei-hua), wh guo (guo
  • qiaoyin), (lu
  • john f.), jf donegan (donegan
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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The enhancement of quality factor for TE whispering-gallery modes is analyzed for three-dimensional microcylinder resonators based on the destructive interference between vertical leakage modes. In the microcylinder resonator, the TE whispering-gallery modes can couple with vertical propagation modes, which results in vertical radiation loss and low quality factors. However, the vertical loss can be canceled by choosing appropriate thickness of the upper cladding layer or radius of the microcylinder. A mode quality factor increase by three orders of magnitude is predicted by finite-difference time-domain simulation. Furthermore, the condition of vertical leakage cancellation is analyzed.

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