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Energy resources and sustainable response to climate constraint in Latin America : A long-term analysis with TIAM-FR, 4th ELAEE, Montevideo, Uruguay

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Different pathways to achieve a low-carbon economy are analyzed in the line of the climate goals expressed in the context of UNFCCC and Copenhagen Accord, and according to several assumptions about technologies availability, energy sources potential, with a focus on the Latin American region. This research is developed with TIAM-FR, a bottom-up model describing the world energy system in great detail of current and future technologies expressed by region and sector. Different strategies to achieve the environmental objectives are assumed such the introduction of additional constraints regarding technologies of carbon capture and sequestration and the potential of biomass. Water needs of the processes have been implemented in this version of the model, so we also analyze the increase pressure by the development of carbon capture technologies (fossil and biomass) and renewables on the water resources.


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