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Energy dependence of total reaction cross sections for 17 Ne on a proton target

  • Moriguchi, T.
  • Amano, M.
  • Ozawa, A.
  • Horiuchi, W.
  • Abe, Y.
  • Fujii, T.
  • Kagesawa, R.
  • Kamioka, D.
  • Kitagawa, A.
  • Mukai, M.
  • Nagae, D.
  • Sakaue, M.
  • Sato, S.
  • Suzuki, S.
  • Suzuki, T.
  • Yamaguchi, T.
  • Yokota, K.
Publication Date
Feb 01, 2020
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We measured the energy dependence of the total reaction cross sections ( σR ) for the proton drip-line nucleus of neon isotopes, 17 Ne, with a solid hydrogen target. The σR on a proton target in the low- and intermediate-energy regions were provided, where only a few values are available for unstable nuclei. The new data were compared with theoretical calculations using the Glauber model. In the low-energy region (∼100 A MeV), the theoretical cross sections overestimate the experimental ones, whereas the theoretical ones significantly underestimate the experimental data in the intermediate energy region (∼300-500 A MeV). We discuss several possibilities for solving this discrepancy. This work suggests the necessity of more careful investigations of the energy dependence of σR for various nuclei on a proton target to determine the nuclear size properties precisely.

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