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An Elimination Method for Solving Bivariate Polynomial Systems: Eliminating the Usual Drawbacks

  • Berberich, Eric
  • Emeliyanenko, Pavel
  • Sagraloff, Michael
Publication Date
Oct 07, 2010
Submission Date
Oct 07, 2010
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We present an exact and complete algorithm to isolate the real solutions of a zero-dimensional bivariate polynomial system. The proposed algorithm constitutes an elimination method which improves upon existing approaches in a number of points. First, the amount of purely symbolic operations is significantly reduced, that is, only resultant computation and square-free factorization is still needed. Second, our algorithm neither assumes generic position of the input system nor demands for any change of the coordinate system. The latter is due to a novel inclusion predicate to certify that a certain region is isolating for a solution. Our implementation exploits graphics hardware to expedite the resultant computation. Furthermore, we integrate a number of filtering techniques to improve the overall performance. Efficiency of the proposed method is proven by a comparison of our implementation with two state-of-the-art implementations, that is, LPG and Maple's isolate. For a series of challenging benchmark instances, experiments show that our implementation outperforms both contestants.

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