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The Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian for the Standard Model with a Heavy Higgs

  • Herrero, M. J.
  • Morales, E. Ruiz
Published Article
Publication Date
Aug 13, 1993
Submission Date
Aug 13, 1993
DOI: 10.1016/0550-3213(94)90525-8
arXiv ID: hep-ph/9308276
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The most general chiral Lagrangian for electroweak interactions with the complete set of $SU(2)_L\times U(1)_Y$ invariant operators up to dimension four is considered. The two-point and three-point functions with external gauge fields are derived from this effective chiral Lagrangian to one-loop order in a generic $R_\xi$-gauge. The same set of Green's functions are paralelly studied in the renormalizable standard model to one-loop order, in a $R_\xi$-gauge and in the large Higgs mass limit. An appropriate set of matching conditions connecting the Green's functions of the two theories allows us to derive, systematically, the values of the chiral Lagrangian coefficients corresponding to the large Higgs mass limit of the standard model. These chiral parameters represent the non-decoupling effects of a heavy Higgs particle and incorporate both the leading logarithmic dependence on $\mh$ and the next to leading constant contributions. Some phenomenological implications are also discussed.

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