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Electron resonant tunneling through InAs/GaAs quantum dots embedded in a Schottky diode with an AlAs insertion layer

  • sun, j
  • jin, p
  • zhao, c
  • lk, yu
  • xl, ye
  • xu, b
  • chen, yh
  • wang, zg
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2006
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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Molecular beam epitaxy was employed to manufacture self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot Schottky resonant tunneling diodes. By virtue of a thin AlAs insertion barrier, the thermal current was effectively reduced and electron resonant tunneling through quantum dots under both forward and reverse biased conditions was observed at relatively high temperature of 77 K. The ground states of quantum dots were found to be at similar to 0.19 eV below the conduction band of GaAs matrix. The theoretical computations were in conformity with experimental data. (c) 2006 The Electrochemical Society.

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