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Electron energization and energy dissipation in microscale electromagnetic environments

  • Liu, J
  • Yao, ST
  • Shi, QQ
  • Wang, XG
  • Zong, QG
  • Feng, YY
  • Liu, H
  • Guo, RL
  • Yao, ZH
  • Rae, IJ
  • Degeling, AW
  • Tian, AM
  • Russell, CT
  • Zhang, YT
  • Wang, YX
  • Woodham, LD
  • Pu, ZY
  • Xiao, CJ
  • Fu, SY
  • Giles, BL
Publication Date
Jul 31, 2020
Spiral - Imperial College Digital Repository
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Particle energization and energy dissipation in electromagnetic environments are longstanding topics of intensive research in space, laboratory, and astrophysical plasmas. One challenge is to understand these conversion processes at smaller and smaller spatial/temporal scales. In this Letter, with very high cadence measurements of particle distributions from the Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft, we report evidence of evolution of an identified microscale (i.e., electron gyro-scale) magnetic cavity structure and reveal within it a unique energization process that does not adhere to prevailing adiabatic invariance theory. Our finding indicates that this process is largely energy dependent, and can accelerate/decelerate charged particles inside the trapping region during their gyromotion, clearly altering the particle distribution.

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