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Electron diffraction and photoemission studies of clean and water-covered Si(5,5,12) and Si(112) surfaces

  • ranke, w
  • xing, yr
  • max, w ranke
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Jan 01, 1997
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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The structure of silicon surfaces in the orientation range (113)-(5,5,12)-(337)-(112) has been investigated using high resolution LEED and photoemission both on a spherical and on flat samples. We find that Si(5,5,12) [5.3 degrees from (113) and 0.7 degrees from (937)] is the only stable orientation between (113) and (111) and confirm the result of Baski et al. [Science 269, 1556 (1995)] that it has a 2 x 1 superstructure with a very large unit cell of 7.68 x 53.5 Angstrom(2). Adsorption measurements of water on Si(5,5,12) yield a mobile precursor kinetics with two kinds of regions saturating at 0.25 and 0.15 ML which are related to adsorption on different sites. Using these results, a modified structure model is proposed. Surfaces between (113) and (5,5,12) separate into facets of these two orientations; between (5,5,12) and (112), they separate into (5,5,12) and (111) facets. (337) facets in this range may be considered as defective (5,5,12) facets.

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