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Electromagnetic digital actuators array : characterization of a planar conveyance application and optimized design

  • Huyan, Pengfei
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Mar 27, 2015
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In mechanical or mechatronical systems, actuators are the components used to convert input energy, generally electrical energy, into mechanical tasks such as motion, force or a combination of both. Analogical actuator and digital actuator are two common types of actuators. Digital actuators have the advantages of open-loop control, low energy consumption and etc compared to analogical actuators. However, digital actuators present two main drawbacks. The manufacturing errors of these actuators have to be precisely controlled because, unlike to analogical actuators, a manufacturing error cannot be compensated using the control law. Another drawback is their inability to realize continuous tasks because of their discrete stroke. An assembly of several digital actuators can nevertheless realize multi-discrete tasks. This thesis focuses on the experimental characterization and optimization design of a digital actuators array for planar conveyance application. The firs main objective of the present thesis is focused on the characterization of the existing actuators array and also a planar conveyance application based on the actuators array. For that purpose, a modeling of the actuators array and experimental test has been carried out in order to determine the influence of some parameters on the actuators array behavior. The second objective is to design a new version of the actuators array based on the experience of the first prototype. An optimization of the design has then been realized using genetic algorithm techniques while considering several criteria.

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