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Ekonomiskt bistånd och dess betydelse för våldsutsatta kvinnor : En kvalitativ intervjustudie med grund i socialtjänstens arbete med våldsutsatta kvinnor / Financial aid and its importance for female victims of domestic violence : A qulitative method and semistructured interviews with basis in socialservices work with abused women

  • Smedbäck, Louise
  • Olsson, Linnea
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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The aim of this study is to examine social workers view on financial aid to female victims of domestic violence, based on the theoretical concept street level-bureaucracy. We want to examine social workers view on financial aid and its possibilities to help domestic violence survivors that have left the abuser, we also want to examine their view on emotional aid. A qualitative method and semistructured interviews with six social workers that work with financial aid and have met female victims of domestic violence at work, was used to answer the problem in this study. We found that the social workers who were interviewed expressed that education about intimate partner violence was important to meet the victims who apply for financial aid in a good way. Additionally, this knowledge can also help the social workers use their room for action in a way that is more helpful to domestic violence survivors and can give them the proper support that they need. How a municipality is organized affects how the work with the survivors of domestic violence is organized, in smaller municipalities the social workers have bigger responsibility for the women's totality and in bigger municipalities the social workers are more specialized, and their responsibilities are only a small part of the contact the women have with the social services. This can mean that domestic violence survivors can get different kinds of help from different municipalities, and sometimes they get different aid from different social workers depending on how the social workers choose to use their room for action. The social workers view on emotional aid is that it is important, especially because a lot of female victims of domestic violence feel shame over the fact that they´re getting abused and because they need financial aid. 

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