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An Ejectable Data Recorder Subsystem for the Ascent Abort-2 Test Flight of the Orion Launch Abort System

  • Burlone, Michael
  • Jackowski, Andrzej
  • Obregon, Rosa
  • Oelke, Lance
  • Grace, Mike
  • Vineyard, Eric
  • Rojdev, Kristina
  • Hagen, Jeff
  • Moxey, Lucas
  • Petri, David
  • Wilkins, Josh
  • Povolotskaya, Paolina
Publication Date
Mar 07, 2020
NASA Technical Reports Server


The Ejectable Data Record (EDR) subsystem was a unique development opportunity at NASA with challenges that necessitated innovation. EDR employed a skunkworks development approach in which we designed, built, and delivered 47 end items, not including ground support equipment. We used as many COTS components as possible, we looked for process efficiencies to meet our tight deadlines, and the EDR team was involved in the flight operations of the AA-2 test flight and responsible for the recovery operations of the ejected payloads. This paper will discuss the design and development of the EDR subsystem, as well as the results of the system performance during the AA-2 test flight.

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