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Einstein Gravity on a Brane in 5D Non-compact Flat Spacetime -DGP model revisited-

  • Kyae, Bumseok
Published Article
Publication Date
Mar 23, 2004
Submission Date
Dec 15, 2003
DOI: 10.1088/1126-6708/2004/03/038
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We revisit the 5D gravity model by Dvali, Gabadadze, and Porrati (DGP). Within their framework it was shown that even in 5D non-compact Minkowski space $(x^\mu,z)$, the Newtonian gravity can emerge on a brane at short distances by introducing a brane-localized 4D Einstein-Hilbert term $\delta(z)M_4^2\sqrt{|\bar{g}_4|}\bar{R}_4$ in the action. Based on this idea, we construct simple setups in which graviton standing waves can arise, and we introduce brane-localized $z$ derivative terms as a correction to $\delta(z)M_4^2\sqrt{|\bar{g}_4|}\bar{R}_4$. We show that the gravity potential of brane matter becomes $-\frac{1}{r}$ at {\it long} distances, because the brane-localized $z$ derivative terms allow only a smooth graviton wave function near the brane. Since the bulk gravity coupling may be arbitrarily small, strongly interacting modes from the 5D graviton do not appear. We note that the brane metric utilized to construct $\delta(z)M_4^2\sqrt{|\bar{g}_4|}\bar{R}_4$ can be relatively different from the bulk metric by a conformal factor, and show that the graviton tensor structure that the 4D Einstein gravity predicts are reproduced in DGP type models.

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