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Efficacy of a Validated Yoga Protocol on Dyslipidemia in Diabetes Patients: NMB-2017 India Trial

  • nagarathna, raghuram
  • tyagi, rahul
  • kaur, gurkeerat
  • vendan, vetri
  • acharya, ishwara n.
  • anand, akshay
  • singh, amit
  • nagendra, hongasandra r.
Publication Date
Oct 11, 2019
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Background: Dyslipidemia is considered a risk factor in Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) resulting in cardio-vascular complications. Yoga practices have shown promising results in alleviating Type 2 Diabetes pathology. Method: In this stratified trial on a Yoga based lifestyle program in cases with Type 2 diabetes, in the rural and urban population from all zones of India, a total of 17,012 adults (&gt / 20 years) of both genders were screened for lipid profile and sugar levels. Those who satisfied the selection criteria were taught the Diabetes Yoga Protocol (DYP) for three months and the data were analyzed. Results: Among those with Diabetes, 29.1% had elevated total cholesterol (TC &gt / 200 mg/dL) levels that were higher in urban (69%) than rural (31%) Diabetes patients. There was a positive correlation (p = 0.048) between HbA1c and total cholesterol levels. DYP intervention helped in reducing TC from 232.34 &plusmn / 31.48 mg/dL to 189.38 &plusmn / 40.23 mg/dL with significant pre post difference (p &lt / 0.001). Conversion rate from high TC (&gt / 200 mg/dL) to normal TC (&lt / 200 mg/dL) was observed in 60.3% of cases with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) / from high LDL (&gt / 130 mg/dL) to normal LDL (&lt / 130 mg/dL) in 73.7% / from high triglyceride (&gt / 200 mg/dL) to normal triglyceride level (&lt / 200 mg/dL) in 63% / from low HDL (&lt / 45 mg/dL) to normal HDL (&gt / 45 mg/dL) in 43.7% of T2DM patients after three months of DYP. Conclusions: A Yoga lifestyle program designed specifically to manage Diabetes helps in reducing the co-morbidity of dyslipidemia in cases of patients with T2DM.

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