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Effects of point defects on lattice parameters of semiconductors

  • chen, nf
  • wang, yt
  • hj, he
  • lin, ly
  • chinese, nf r chen
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1996
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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A model for analyzing the correlation between lattice parameters and point defects in semiconductors has been established. The results of this model for analyzing the substitutes in semiconductors are in accordance with those from Vegard's law and experiments. Based on this model, the lattice strains caused by the antisites, the tetrahedral and octahedral single interstitials, and the interstitial couples are analyzed. The superdilation in lattice parameters of GaAs grown at low temperatures by molecular-beam epitaxy can be interpreted by this model, which is in accordance with the experimental results. This model provides a way of analyzing the stoichiometry in bulk and epitaxial compound semiconductors nondestructively.

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