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Effects of the Image of `Young People of Nowadays' on Personal Relations.

  • 田中, 健夫
  • Tanaka, Takeo
Publication Date
Mar 16, 1998
Kyushu University Institutional Repository (QIR)
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This study examined the effects of the image of 'young people of nowadays' made by mass media on real personal relations. A questionnaire inquiring into the image of personal relations of 'young people of nowadays' and real relationship patterns and self-esteem (Rosenberg) was conducted using 92 college students. The results summarized were as follows; a) Factor analysis of real relationship patterns yielded five factors. 'Pressure for sameness (Fac. I)' and 'Reject of Closeness (Fac. II)' were effective factors of 'young people of nowadays'. b) Fac. I correllated negative significantly with self-esteem, and the person who were effected by mass media had tendencies of 'Reject of Closeness' and 'The Diversification of Means of becoming Friends (Fac. V)'. c) Those effected least by mass media (about Fac. I) showed low self-esteem. These findings suggested that a healthy distance to the shared image is important for college students to have good relations.

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