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企業屬性與正負框架對風險傾向的影響 / The Effects of Enterprise Attributes and Framing Effect on Risk Propensity

  • yu-jing, wang
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[[abstract]]在高度不確定性的競爭市場,企業在追求獲利與成長的過程中常伴隨著相當程度的風險。在一段風險評估過程中受限於資訊取得和時間限制等因素,企業決策者會依當時的情境、問題呈現與編譯方式不同,產生主觀的認知而對風險傾向造成影響。企業因本身條件即所擁有之人力和資源不同,看待同樣的利潤或損失的感受也會有所差異。本研究以目標框架(goal framing)為基礎,探討企業面臨一個機會情境的行為意圖,對於正向框架(利得)與負向框架(損失)之間的差別感受和風險傾向之關係。 研究對象大多屬製造業之中小企業,研究結果顯示,決策者受負向框架效果的影響較正向框架效果大。換句話說,相較於利得,企業更在意的是可能失去或遭受損失的部分,而此類型的企業也伴隨著較高的風險傾向。企業屬性之經營時間、員工平均年齡和資本額會影響框架效果與風險傾向之關係。企業規模越大,在賺錢的契機下表現出較高的風險傾向;企業經營時間越短、員工平均年齡越低和資本額越大者,其風險傾向越高。 / [[abstract]]In a highly uncertain competitive market organizations that are in the process of making profit usually experience a significant level of risk Information acquisition time limitation and other factors have constrained the process of risk assessment; the decision makers of the organizations come out with subjective opinions based on the circumstances arisen problems and ways of coding during that time which will influence the risk propensity The difference in conditions human labor and resources might also affect the way the organizations look at profit and loss This research is based on goal framing and discusses the organization’s intension of action while facing an opportunity situation and the relationship between the positive frames (gain) and negative frames (loss) The study objects for this research paper are mostly small and medium enterprises in manufacturing sector The research shows that the effects of negative frames have more impacts on decision-making than the effects of positive frames In other words organizations are more concerned about the potential loss compared to positive gain and these organizations are accompanied with high risk propensity The attributes of the enterprises operational time average age of employees and the capital will impact the flaming effect and risk propensity The larger the scale of the organization the higher risk propensity it has in the time of profiting Organization that has short operational time low average age of employee and high capital has high risk propensity

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