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Effects of Blockchain on Game Development : A case study at ChromaWay

  • Koçer, Irmak Berk
  • Tampio, Sami Sakari
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2022
DiVA - Academic Archive On-line
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Purpose:Novel technologies such as blockchain alter the way games are developed, and cause paradigm shift in the game industry. This thesis explores how the blockchain impacts conditions for developing games, with a particular interest in the effects on the business model used for games, and the value proposition offered to prospective players.  Methodology:Since blockchain games are a new emerging industry at the moment, semi- structured interviews are conducted with five game developers to find first- hand data on blockchain's effects on game development using a single case study of a blockchain game in the late development stage. Furthermore, an extensive literature review is conducted to help guide the thesis and increase the researchers' understanding of the subject.  Analysis:The focus of the case, which is My Neighbor Alice, is explored in detail. Then, the analysis of the semi-structured interviews is executed with thematic analysis. Based on repetitions by different interviewees, several themes and concepts are identified. Finally, all the gathered aspects are explained.  Findings:The business model of blockchain games has many changes compared to traditional games, mainly depending on the introduction of blockchain-enabled asset ownership. This introduces a new value proposition to the consumers in tradability and Play to Earn game models. Furthermore, the focus on the consumer relationship increases as they now are investors. This allows funding to be gathered at an early stage of development and highlights trust between developer and player. Finally, the value created by entrepreneurs reflects more on alternative entrepreneurship as the case game My Neighbor Alice intends to be run by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which consists of stakeholders of the game.  Value:While there is much literature on various game business models and blockchain technology, there is a gap in the research regarding game development related to blockchain games. This thesis pinpointed several vital areas that will increase importance when such games are developed. 

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