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The Effects of Bituminous Binder on the Performance of Gussasphalt Concrete for Bridge Deck Pavement

  • zou, guilian
  • xiaoyan, xu
  • jianxin, li
  • huayang, yu
  • wang, changjun
  • sun, jie
Publication Date
Jan 13, 2020
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As bituminous binders greatly influence the engineering performance of gussasphalt concrete for bridge deck pavement, selecting appropriate bitumen is a critical procedure for mixture design. In this study, five different combinations of bituminous binder for potential use in the &ldquo / Hong Kong&ndash / Zhuhai&ndash / Macao Bridge&rdquo / project were prepared and tested. To meet the strict requirements of quality control, a new Guss-Mastic Asphalt (GMA) system was developed. Three key indices, Lueer fluidity, impact toughness, and dynamic stability, were used for GMA design and construction quality control. The test results show that the fluidity of the GMA mixtures was affected by the shear thinning phenomenon. After mixing for three hours, the Lueer value of all GMA mixtures met the requirements of pouring construction. Moreover, it was found that the influence of mixing time on GMA with styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) modified bitumen was different to other prepared mixtures. This difference is ascribed to the degradation of SBS during the blending process at an elevated temperature. Finally, the blended bitumen (30% Pen60/70 + 70% Trinidad lake asphalt (TLA)) was applied to the project of the Hong Kong&ndash / Zhuhai&ndash / Macao Bridge.

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