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Effect of warm-up intensity on horse-rider dyad’s performance in jumping

  • Stachurska, Anna
  • Janczarek, Iwona
  • Wilk, Izabela
  • Jaworska, Katarzyna
  • Pluta, Michał
  • Kolstrung, Ryszard
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2018
Scientific Electronic Library Online - Brazil
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ABSTRACT: The aim of this study was to determine whether there is a correlation between the intensity of warm-up and scores of horse-rider dyads in jumping competitions, and which factors affect the warm-up regime. Three international competitions of 120, 130, and 135cm obstacle height, completed by 82 competitors, were studied. Warm-up intensity was measured by the time spent in the schooling area, number of practice jumping efforts, and coefficient of practice obstacle height. Out of the official final scores in the competitions, penalty points in the round and converted final placings were used as outcome measures. The data were analyzed with Spearman’s correlation, multifactorial analysis of variance, and Tukey’s test. The rider’s sex, part of the world that the riders came from, horse’s sex, age, and competitive level (obstacle height) were considered. Results showed that more jumps and higher obstacles during warm-up decrease the horse-rider dyad’s performance in jumping competition, whereas the duration of the total warm-up time does not affect the score. Female riders warm up horses longer but jump lower fences than male riders. Riders do not differentiate the warm-up regime with regard to the horse’s sex, whereas they considered the horse’s age. The warm-up intensity does not increase proportionally to the competitive level.

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