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Effect of Rolipram on in vitro maturation, gene expression and embryonic development in bovines

  • Santana, B.B.
  • Sobral, G.G.
  • Gomes, E.T.
  • Batista, A.M.
  • Teixeira, L.P.R.
  • Tavares, K.C.S.
  • Bertolini, M.
  • Carneiro, G.F.
Publication Date
Oct 01, 2019
Scientific Electronic Library Online - Brazil
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ABSTRACT The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of the Rolipram during the maturation of bovine oocytes and gene expression of embryos produced in vitro. Bovine ovaries were collected in slaughterhouse. The COCs were selected and divided into 5 groups: Control 0 time; Control: IVM for 24 hours; Rolipram treatments with IVM blocking for 24 hours in maturation medium containing (100, 150 and 200µM). After 24 hours all groups were reseated in IVM for another 24 hours. Subsequently COCs were subjected to the same IVM system and fertilized, being checked for cleavage post fertilization and for blastocyst. In addition, performed expression of the following genes: Mater, BMP15 and Bax. No difference was found in gene expression. Of oocytes evaluated shortly after follicular aspiration, 79.00% were in GV, GVBD, MI, while 13.40%, were in MII and 7.60%, D/NI. Significant difference was observed in different concentrations (T100, T200 and T150µM) in oocytes that have reached the MII phase compared to control treatments (P= 0.003). Differences were observed in cleavage rate (P< 0.05) between T150 and T200 when compared to the C/24 Group. A high difference was observed on blastocyst rate (P< 0.001) among treatments compared to the control group.

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