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Effect of various methods of preparation on the apparent protein composition of eukaryotic ribosomes. An essential preliminary to stoicheiometric measurements.

  • P Huvos
  • S Fey
  • M D Hardwicke
Publication Date
Nov 15, 1978
  • Biology


1. We investigated whether there is any change in the relative amounts of ribosomal proteins during the isolation or extraction of the ribosomes by different methods, or during electrophoresis of the proteins. 2. To see whether proteins are lost (or gained) during the preparation of the ribosome we compared the two-dimensional protein pattern of three preparations: (a) ribosomes conventionally prepared by ultracentrifugation; (b) crude ribosomes obtained by pH5 precipitation; (c) crude ribosomes prepared by gel filtration. 3. To see whether proteins were lost during protein extraction we compared the two-dimensional pattern of ribosomes by using three different extraction methods (LiCl/urea, acetic acid and guanidine hydrochloride). 4. In all experiments listed above the relative amounts of the great majority of the proteins remained unchanged. We interpret this as showing that the relative amounts of ribosomal proteins (as we observed them on a two-dimensional gel) correspond to the proportions existing in the particle in vivo.

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