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Efeito de dessensibilizantes dentinários sobre a superfície radicular submetida a desafio acido

  • Tejada Medina, Alejandro Nicolás
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Apr 02, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of the application of formulations containing silicate (Regenerate) or calcium phosphate (Desensibilize Nano P), submitted or not to the acidic environment, through analysis of the precipitation of debris and counting of open dentinal tubules on the surface of the radicular cervical dentine. Eighty specimens of root dentin were submitted to one of the following treatment protocols (n=20): G1, KF2% (KF); G2, Regenerate (RG); G3, Nano P (NP) and G4, without treatment (NC). In forty specimens (n=10), protocols were performed according to manufacturers' recommendations in 4 treatment sessions. In the other forty specimens, similar protocols were performed, but submitted to exposure to citric acid daily for 5 minutes. The presence of debris and the number of open dentinal tubules on the dentin surface were analyzed by scanning electron microscopy. The results were evaluated by the Kruskal Wallis and ANOVA tests (p=0.05), respectively. Without acid exposure, RG demonstrated a greater precipitation of debris and less open dentinal tubules (p<0.05), whereas the other protocols were equal (p>0.05). With acid exposure, NP presented a lower number of open tubules than KF and CO (p<0.05), which were equal (P>0.05), but RG showed the highest precipitation of debris and less open tubules than the other protocols (p<0.05). The protocol with calcium silicate (RG) demonstrated a greater precipitation of debris and lower incidence of open dentinal tubules in relation to the other treatment protocols.

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