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Přístup žen k přirozenému způsobu výživy dítěte před a po porodu

Publication Date
  • Příprava Na Kojení
  • Porod
  • Ukončení Kojení
  • Náhradní Mléčná Výživa
  • Potíže Při Kojení
  • Preparation For Brestfeeding
  • Childbirth
  • Come To The End Of Brestfeeding
  • Baby Milk
  • Complication During Breastfeeding


The principal aim of this bachelor thesis was at first analysis of literature concerning in the subject of the breastfeeding. Next I tried to summarize and characterize all main sources of information about breastfeeding, what are used in the Czech republic of the day. In the same time I tried to show main problems of mothers in the beginning and during the finishing of the breastfeeding. At the same place, with help of opinion poll, I wanted to find out which of the factors have an influence with mother´s resolve to natural way of breastfeeding their children and which of the factors and conditions have an influence with finishing of breastfeeding. Next I concerned in a question, how much can experience of childbirth and stay in a hospital in a beginning of childbed affect the decision of mother to breastfeed her child.

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