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A statistical exposition of the state of empowerment at older ages in India

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  • J16 - Economics Of Gender
  • Non-Labor Discrimination
  • Economics
  • Medicine


Well-being is desired and drives all ages and all societies. Empowerment is a means to well-being. The issue of empowerment endures at older ages also. Addressing this issue is central as the Indian population continues to age. The present work examines the state of autonomy in financial matters namely, the management of owned assets and the management of owned property, as autonomy is a manifestation of empowerment. For this purpose, data sets from the 42nd and the 52nd round of the National Sample Survey have been made use of. The associations of states of financial autonomy with various socioeconomic factors are investigated using logit models. The results show that when controlled for various socioeconomic factors the older men are 2.78 times more likely than the older women to participate in the management of the owned property. They are also 3.09 times more likely than their female counterparts to participate in the management of owned assets. Older adults who are not employed, who are financially dependent, who have difficulty in mobility and who suffer from chronic diseases are less likely to be autonomous in managing their financial resources.

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