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Effects Of Commercial Fatty-Acids On Cutinase Release By Ascochyta-Pisi

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J. Phytopathol ogy 136,238-216 (1992)ô ttô, it""f PaËy Scientific Publishers' Berlin and Hamburg ISSN 0931-1785 Facuhé Sciences Agronomiqwes, 5030 Gemblowx' Belgium Effects of Commercial FattY Acids on Cutinase Release by Ascochyta pisi B. N.tsn'qout, P' Lrlotvtr and J' Sr'rrl'q'l Authors'addresses:B'N'c'snaout,EcoleSupérieured'Agriculture'7l19le'Kei'Tunisia' P. Lepotvnr ,,ta J. srn,it-, rlt"tia'at' ScienËes Agronomiques' 5OlO Gembloux' Belgium' Wttb / Jtgures Recei'ued October 1,1991; accepted December 12' 1991 Abstract TheeffectofarangeofcommerciallyavailableCl5andCl3fattyacids,onthereleaseofcutinase b" Ar;:;i;;;-;,r, *"r r,îdi.,i. iîir."l6'p.ric acid.wai us.d a, sol. carbon source, cutinase activitv was released in the culure *.ai"-, .riJ*'"s markedly enhanced by post-treatment of a' pisi.cultures with acetone used as .n.y*. .",.ra,or. Without acetone, lar, a,]iinata was naturally released in .ui .,* _.di,.rln containing juniperic acid at 0.5 %, rhln ata.ol o/o or 0.05 %. lJpon post-treatment with acetone, the same l.u.t of .i,inrr. was released with âll three concentrations' thus suggesting that ;;;rr-.;r-ina,.r..a, U* ""r ..-pf.*ly ..1.,.ed in the presence of O'5 o/' juniperic acid' lflhen ricinelaidic or ricinoleic ..iJr-;;;; ;ipfl.â"n,.d at 0.5 % to cutin in the culture medium' they strongly inhibited ,h. ,.1."r" of .,r,i."r., "u.. with acetone Post-treâtment comparable inhibition by ricinoleic acid was "tro our.*".i *ir." ;r"ip.r;. acid was usËd a, .utinas" inducer, thus suggesting that ;;;;;l;;; ..1.rr., brt also the p'oiu'tion of cutinase were inhibited' Zusammenfassung EinfltssevonkâuflichenFettsâurenaufdieCutinasefreisetzung durch Ascoclr Yta Pisi Untersucht wurde der Einflujl von kâuflichen C16- und C13-Fettsâuren_auf die Freisetzung von Cutinase durch Ascochyt, p;;.'\il;J j.tnip".râu." als einziee Kohlenstoffquelle vorhanden vrar' wurde Cutinase in das frf,rr-.air. Ër.iglt.r.t, und dies wird. du,ch einà Nachbehandlung der A. ptsl_Kulturen

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