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PIG11 protein binds to DNA in sequence-independent mannerin vitro

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DOI: 10.1016/j.bbrc.2007.04.048
  • Pig11 Protein
  • Dna Binding
  • Sequence-Independent
  • Gel Retardation Assay
  • Atomic Force Microscopy
  • Biology


Abstract PIG11 (p53-induced protein 11), one of early transcriptional targets of tumor suppressor p53, was up-regulated in the induction of apoptosis or cell growth inhibition by multiple chemopreventive agents. However, its biological role remains unclear. Here, we expressed His 6-tagged PIG11 protein in Escherichia coli and demonstrated the recombinant His 6-tagged PIG11 protein could bind to supercoiled and relaxed closed circular plasmid DNA or linear DNA with different length using gel retardation assays in vitro. The interaction between DNA and PIG11 protein was sequence-independent and related to charge effect. The reducing thiol group in PIG11 protein was involved in the binding activity of PIG11 to DNA. Furthermore, the images of atomic force microscopy directly confirmed the binding of DNA and PIG11 protein and showed the PIG11–DNA complex formed a beads-on-a-string appearance in which PIG11 protein associated with DNA as polymer. These findings suggest that PIG11 protein may play an important role by interaction with other biological molecules in the regulation of apoptosis and provided us a novel angel of view to explore the possible function of PIG11 in vivo.

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