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Moments and the Autocorrelation Structure of the Exponential GARCH(p,q) Process



In this paper the autocorrelation structure of the Exponential GARCH(p,q) process of Nelson (1991) is considered. Conditions for the existence of any arbitrary unconditional moment are given. Furthermore, the expressions for the kurtosis and the autocorrelations of squared observations are derived. The properties of the autocorrelation structure are discussed and compared to those of the standard GARCH(p,q) process. In particular, it is seen that, the EGARCH(p,q) model has a richer autocorrelation structure than the standard GARCH(p,q) one. The statistical theory is further illustrated by a few special cases such as the symmetric and the asymmetric EGARCH(2,2) models under the assumption of normal errors or non-normal errors. The autocorrelations computed from an estimated EGARCH(2,1) model of Nelson (1991) are highlighted.

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