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A pyridine-based chelating solvent extraction system for selective extraction of nickel and cobalt

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DOI: 10.1016/s0304-386x(96)00092-8


Abstract A novel pyridine-based chelating extractant, 2,6-bis-[5-n-nonylpyrazol-3-yl] pyridine (BNPP), has been developed and characterized. The solvent extraction of Ni and Co by a mixed system of BNPP and dinonyl naphthalene sulfonic acid (DNNSA) was studied as a function of pH, diluent, temperature, and DNNSA concentration. Stripping of Ni and Co was examined as a function of HCl and H 2SO 4 concentration. The novel system can extract Ni and/or Co selectively against Fe, Mn, Ca, Mg, and A1 from acidic sulfate solutions at a pH as low as 0.5. Separation of Ni and Co can be achieved either during loading, or during stripping stages of solvent extraction. The extractant system is stable and can be regenerated with acid. The synergistic extraction distribution diagrams and the slope analyses methods {log D vs. log[BNPP]} showed that both BNPP and DNNSA are present in the extracted Co and Ni complexes, and that two molecules of BNPP are coordinated with one metal cation.

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