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24+ advanced learning loans briefing : edition 16, February 2014

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)
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24+ advanced learning loans briefing special edition 16: February 2014 24+ Advanced Learning Loans Briefing: Edition 16 - February 2014 This is the sixteenth in a series of briefings from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills designed to provide colleges and training organisations and others with information about this policy. This briefing has been produced jointly with the Skills Funding Agency (the Agency), the Student Loans Company (SLC) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and can be located on the GOV.UK website. Here is the link to the page where learners can apply Special edition - Removal of Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships from 24+ Advanced Learning Loans On 10 February 2014 the Skills Funding Statement announced that Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships for those aged 24 and over will be publicly funded. Having monitored the take up across qualification types since April 2013, there is clear evidence that there is little appetite for Apprenticeships funded by 24+ Advanced Learning Loans. As a result the overall number of people aged over 24 doing Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships has declined compared to the previous year. The Government is keen to ensure that Apprenticeships continue to grow and so is moving quickly to re-instating public funding for Apprenticeships from 7 March 2014. This means: - those apprentices who have already taken out a Loan will have their Loan cancelled, and their college or training organisation can claim public funding. The text of the letter sent to learners is in the blue box below. - individuals aged 24 and above wishing to undertake an Apprenticeship from 7 March 2014 onwards will no longer be eligible for a Loan but will apply for a publicly funded course. Across other areas of learning eligible for 24+ Advanced Learning Loans take up has more than met our expectations. That is why we are continuing with our original plans

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