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Determination of serum protein binding of 3H-ACTH using dextran gel filtration and desity gradient centrifugation

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Determination of serum protein binding of 3H-ACTH using dextran gel filtration and desity gradient centrifugation. ADVANCE ABSTRAGTS 6th Acta Endocrinologica Congress Acta Endocrinologica Supplementum 119 Sixth Acta Endocrinologica Congress Helsinki, 8th-12th August 1967 ADVANCE ABSTRACTS OF SHORT PAPERS Periodica • Copenhagen 1967 Printed in Finland Printed by Oy Weilin-[-Goos Ab, Helsinki CONTENTS The numbers refer to the Abstract numbers indicated at the top of each abstract. Author Index: see p. 245 GROWTH H O R M O N E , DIABETES, OBESITY 1. H.-J. Quabbe, H. Helge and E. Werner: Antibodies to human growth hormone in pituitary and non-pituitary dwarfs. Clinical signiflcance and reaction with two different preparations of human growth hormone. 2. Z. Laron and A. Pertzelan: The Syndrome of pituitary dwarfism with high serum concentration of growth hormone. 3. J . Drews: Patterns of RNA synthesis in rat liver after treatment with Cortisol and growth hormone. 4. K. Manninen and A. Pekkarinen: Effect of drugs one urinary adrenaline secretion, blood glucose and body temperature during insulin shock in rats. 5. D. Andreani, G. Menzinger, A. Pinchera, F. Fallucca and G. Aliberti: Diabetes in the families of patients with thyroid disorders. 6. H. Otto, N. Firuzian, M. Kienitz and G. Junge-Hülsing: Frequency and significance of chronic Pyelonephritis in female diabetics. 7. D. Andreev, S. Ditzov, D. Straschimirov and G. Dashev: Acute diabetic Syndrome in normal and hypophysectomized rats, produced with anti-insulin guinea pig serum. 8. G. Copinschi, H. A. Ooms, E. Baiasse, J . R. M. Franckson and P. A. Bastenie: Endocrine changes in obesity after starvation. 9. H. H. Bassoe, O. Djoseland, T. Holst-Larsen, K. F. Stoa and T. Thorsen: Adreno- cortical function in obesity. PUBERTY 10. S. Ilca, G. Dodica and Z. Ioanovici: The relation between urinary oestrogens and 17-hydroxycorticosteroids in puberty of males. H . H .

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